Yammer: intra-company communication of the XXI century

Perception Group has developed a new methodology which allows the design, deployment and release of corporate social networks, so as to improve communication among the different areas. Yammer means introducing a solution tested by the top companies and international organizations. The practice is about designing a deployment plan for the areas which involve not only the implementation but also the change management and follow up of each user in this new communication paradygm.

Therefore, this enterprise social network commercialized by Microsoft introduces an innovative way of interaction at the office. Yammer allows different ways of sharing information at work based on a friendly platform which enables to create groups for collaboration. It is the ultimate tool to improve corporate relationships connecting employees, building working teams, sharing internal news and fostering company identity and unity. In addition, it includes tools to measure and analyze the scope of publications, which proves useful for a cleverer management within the working environment.

Yammer is available for the entire region and Perception Group is one of the main recommended deployment companies.

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