Perception: a vehicle of change for the region

Throughout Perception Group’s history as a company, it has been known for its versatility which has mainly been acquired by servicing a large number of prestigious businesses in the region.

Integration between business and technology affects clients’ requirements, making them more specific and placing the power of decision-making on the business areas. That is why small companies as well as multinational ones need IT solutions which optimize the way in which employees work and interact with each other.

Therefore this, PG has collaborated with different industry leaders. Most of its work has been devoted to enhance processes for financial and credit companies. The most common demand is an effective tool for better customer services. This problem, also a regular for insurance companies, is accompanied by Perception with high-quality CRM assessments. Successful cases of these are the collaborations with Visa and Santander, world leaders in financial services. Their cases sum up the new trends in customer relationship management.

Entertainment industries have also been assessed by Perception. In need of efficient communicaction, these companies have chosen different solutions regarding document management and enterprise social networking, diverse tools that take software implementation a step further towards productivity.

In the retail industry, another common request is new platforming services for better information management, seeking to understand customers’ needs and actions in a social media context.

Every industry is challenged to change the way in which they work and technology is a key part of it. Perception works with both of them on a daily basis by developing sophisticated solutions for each specific market vision.

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