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Two major problems afflicting customer centers  have to do with the quality of information available for phone customer operators to look for when having to resolve any  concern, complaint or just a consultation. The first is the absence of organized information, of ways to find the answers by a  simple  search on any knowledge base, intranet, portal, document management system or any type of solution that makes available products or services information, given the technology and needs of this modern era. Oddly enough, there are still large, medium and small organizations (both public and private) that largely don’t use corporate portals, use documents on paper, notebooks and folders, as paperless policies in the office may have been only a long term wish, lacking a strong leadership and an innovative CEO, keys to take a position at the forefront and become a connected social enterprise.

The second problem has to do with how to define a general policy based on the insertion into the era of customer experience. By accumulating debts with customers continuosly and simply delaying the improvement in customer service, these will not allow us to accompany each of the people who contact us for different personal reasons with organizations, even though the customer journey has begun. And the experiences clients will have when purchasing a product or service will pose for both us an them as a unique opportunity. It keeps me awake to think about a world where the telephone operator turnig into one of the most intelligent and qualified to help , even though the answer may not be found in his brain or in one of his co-workers’, but instead can be found with a simple search on an intelligent system acting in seconds .

And if we are eager to add activities that increase customers’ overall satisfaction, just think of those new generations who refuse to use the phone and even Internet browsers to contact organizations, using their emails and social network profiles via mobile devices or tablets, or simply using an app to open a case that will fall in the hands of a super smarties, an operator willing to seek and return the answer in a matter of seconds. Especially knowing what can happen with an app, website and the story of David and Goliath in these times where the use of technological applications  determine ways of interaction and communication. In order for our operators to avoid putting us on hold, crosschanneñ is the light you see on the horizon, path we will achieve with the right technological strategy, providing organized information, accompanying business strategy and, above all things, to innovate with the right timing, this is, with the art of innovation.

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