The customers’ Journey has begun

With the explosion and adoption of mobile devices, tablets , the emerging wearables (technological devices to wear) such as smart watches , growth and development of Internet of Things (IoT ) , e-commerce sites have developed as multiple  channels of possible interaction between businesses and consumers. An accurate definition, planning and well crafted innovation strategy , with a corresponding timing of execution will allow us to build the best shopping experience for our customers.

The connection between a customer and the brand is now a bridge between each of the technologies of their preference and organizational processes that are partly recipient of their interactions. That debt with the client or the inability to communicate with them in attention to detail because all operators are busy has resulted in a single question among buyers: why does it take so long for an  improvement in customer service?

Customers are more demanding, better informed and seeking customized products. The relationship begins with the first contact with the company, the exchange of information, the acquisition of products, after-sales service and we must adapt to a customer’s route. His journey from the mere desire of buying, the purchase itself, should correspond to a successful architecture of our sales cycle within an organization. The redesign of the technological tools of each of the people who contribute to these new experiences of relationship with customers is, without doubt, the most effective way to achieve this.

The four most important features to provide new experiences in order to satisfy consumers reside in:

  1. Multi-channel social interactions: Work on new mechanisms for customer relations for both queries and complaints via chat, phone, email, social networks, websites and even create automatic rules for intelligent resolution of cases.
  1. Intelligent Agents based on knowledge management: Foster collaboration between operators of customer centers by designing a socially connected organization with corporate portals, digitizing a paperless office and promoting the use of enterprise social networking, systems management and resolution of cases adapted to modern needs.
  1. web sites for self-management: Allow client to access online information to increase their capacity and independence to resolve queries.
  1. Intelligence Service: Measure in real time each customer experiences quickly by monitoring operations and service level agreements.

The customer journey has begun. This time they have set the conditions: the what, how and when. Now more than ever, we have the element to meet these requirements. At our reach are the ways to make these unique and enjoyable experiences to ensure that the trip is the first of many with us. Customer satisfaction is the trust and loyalty of them, and this only comes from a good experience, a product of the conviction of the client that we should aim by all means.

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