The art of innovation

I still remember not long ago, each time new software was planned, designed and developed in order to improve company’s processes, we based ourselves in a series of previously developed artifacts or components to make it easier. After all, every time a new project started, the process was similar to building a new structure from scratch: some parts were recycled, of course, but we had to reinvent the wheel.

During past years, technology adoption has become a source of important added value, a competitive advantage, the reason why a step towards operative excellence is taken. This was also accompanied by the urgent need of optimizing people’s jobs, of improving the information access conditions in their devices and, most importantly, of planning a sustainable growth with the best solutions so as to become the cutting edge company in your industry or, at least,  a competitive one.

I remember those days when technology and equipment was found only in our workplace and it was unthinkable for people to carry more than two, three or sometimes even four devices at all time, anywhere. This goes to show the information access we have today, with the possibility to use internet not only in our jobs but also to inform as at anytime, anywhere. In companies, each person brings his bit to maintain the organization connected and digitized now, carrying the key to innovation.

How can we plan innovation from a technological push then?

My judgment and experience from working in different industries and organizations tell me that there are possibilities for innovation that resemble the steps that everyone should take to go for a change. Planning for innovation could be divided  into two phases ; first , involving technological evolution  by  upgrading or renewing obsolete technology (bringing companies to the cloud, for example) and secondly, implementing projects that give a distinctive new aspect to the company, causing a change that might even put people at the forefront of their activities. That’s how I think everyone should understand innovation and, as usual, this definition opens to interpretation, creativity and alternatives on how to innovate.

Another competitive advantage may also be making agreements with technology providers recognized as “early adopters, an innovation facilitator.

Provided that time is our most precious commodity today and has led more than one business model to the ruins, it is a good idea to make tech-partnerships with experts holding advanced and verifiable experience in cutting edge technology and market. This is a key decision you must make if you want to serve yourself a banquet with all the elements needed.

On the other hand, it is very important to involve all areas in the processes of change and adoption of new technologies, to conduct meetings for understanding why and how we have to continue climbing steps toward something we can only envision at the moment but intuition will help us with new movement, also accommodated with time. Developing change management focused on the adoption of innovations will be crucial both as deploy tools that support the development of collective knowledge and the exchange of ideas that result in new strategies for innovation or just as a process of improvements in a daily basis, grounded on new relationships primarily driven by the exchange of knowledge.
Long lost is the aforementioned stage to build things from scratch. Today we have already developed structures and wide offer accessible by all business leaders, which can be evaluated by all areas based on their evolving needs. Our work is no longer merely a technical isle, isolated from the rest of the organization. Today more than ever, innovation can be a planned and organized with strong bases in your previous innovation processes. Our role now is to harmonize the software engineering processes with organizational issues looking ahead and now more than ever, to innovate based on innovation.

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