No social networking equals no marketing strategy

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the powerful customer relationship management plataform, has just incorporated a key component in the social network marketing process: Microsoft Social Listening.

Within Microsoft sales productivity products, there is an articulation of different platforms which aim to incorporate social -listening and sentimental analyisis in social media. This will effectively enhance the lifecycle of companies sales processes. Microsoft’s CRM tools offer a step-by-step follow-up system to manage the relationship with customers, from the demand generation stage to the sale itself. Each of these, count with specific options and troubleshooting, all of them deviced to improve the business-client relationship.

The addition of the Social Listening tool to Microsoft CRM, reinforces the holy trinity relationship: markting – sales – customer service. This particular platform allows users to set alerts depending on the kind of post, comment or else in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, amongst many other benefits. This easies locating powerful influencers and helps building methodical analysis of business scenarios designed by the company. Thus making planning in marketing more effective and ambitious, key in a company expansion.

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