Cities based on the clouds

I was born in Buenos Aires in 1981, even though I sometimes wish I was a world citizen. Some time ago, I began to think of the meaning of this and tried to reflect on what it would be like to walk the face of earth, moving freely and identifying myself with a unique and unrepeatable number within more than five billion people, in order to explain who I am in the simplest way possible.

Considering that the emergence of cities was related to them being transit points , incidentally , ports of entry concrete to reach other points , it is curious to think that , to date , the large metropolises are crammed and crowded with people urging to live there. However, I can bet, we are not far from being able to return to suburban and greener areas, to live in space or just roam around the cloud if it clearly is key in our strategies.

If organization’s information can be accessible under safety standards from any point of the planet, it will be possible to work wherever you are without moving to offices or commuting, therefore, without crowding concrete structures like ants in anthills. We may live in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful scenery, working with technological tools through uninterrupted Internet connections that can provide us information instantly. We just can’t get enough of seeing the benefits of corporate intranet portals, the mean for us to telecommute from a green meadow in seconds, nor can we ignore the growing trend of socially connected organizations, this is, not by grey hallways, but with enterprise social networks, XXI century communication. Hence, we emphasize on this: if we conceive all the technology at hand as mere tools (an almost derogatory term for such solutions), we are condemned to reactionary routine, actual denial of the art of innovation, true mean to improve our lives.

There will be no shops, everything will be bought over the internet (if we are not already doing so now). Shopping malls will become pictures in history books, in favor of more green space. The ministries shall be information platforms, with people addressing our needs via videoconference, working with us to reach our objectives just like knowledgeable agents, top notch customer experience operators. We will digitalize and cities will be simply historical or transit sites. I actually doubt that new generations can make some sense of the future without acknowledging all this info, especially eco-friendly groups. Countries’ reactionary action in its mission towards open government will be textbook examples of prehistoric public entities.

I started thinking if there is any barrier that prevent us from working virtually. The day Wi-Fi becomes such a regular technology as are today lamps in the hundreds of thousands of places where there is a simple switch to turn on the light, we will have arrived at our destination, across the troubled waters. Information will be available to us and nothing can prevent connect from anywhere in the world. Then, cities will be based on the clouds.

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