A debt with the client

A quick search in social media of some products and services will suffice in showing us a notable amount of creative insults directed to every department of the company which provides.

Far from reminding us the intelligence of web users when it comes to cursing certain brands, we should bear in mind two thins. On the one hand there is an obvious flaw in our product’s customer service, an unavoidable subject today,   not even if it happens to be the most malicious trending topic or a mere ghost in social media (it is better to have some comment though negative than no comments at all). On the other hand, the fact that social media is by all means the key scenario of this activity is a fundamental clue for organizations.

Firstly, some questions may be raised when it comes to understanding what presence in social media means. Each of most used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram tend to facilitate constantly the insertion of brands into this world, with sponsored posts, segmented advertising and multimedia content. However, the first mistake most companies make is opening a profile and then leaving it content-less for years to come. Existence in this social world means a regular posting habit, reappearing content, frequent activity. This content is the result of a designed communication strategy, which can only come from an authentic relationship with the client. This means knowing the different opinions on your brand, how it can be strategized by the marketing department, reading the positive opinions on your service and, most importantly, the ones which may have a negative impact.

All said, the most significant aspect of this phenomenon is that organizations have changed, their processes and areas, tools and solutions available, and nowadays, evolution is a constant. There are six pillars in efficient customer service today. The first one is cross-channel service. This is, the possibility of serving the customer through all possible platforms, with interaction between them. Another recurring complaint is the constant repetition of the customers’ problems to different representatives. To correct this, archives of past solutions can be implemented, forums for users interaction, real-time chats, to mention some. Related to cross-channel service, attention through social media today is a must, with authentic comprehension of the particularities of each social platform.

Another crucial pillars, product of the aforementioned are agent availability and self-service. Users should be able to address their concerns on their own, in all of the company’s portals, given the accumulation of knowledge-based Interactive past cases and in the dialogue between customers. Whilst it is still necessary to complement it with human participation (for now), this representative should have a sufficient and effective information at hand for the conversation, prepared to answer any questions that may arise along process. Furthermore, such participation should be intelligent, another cornerstone. This intelligence is understood in terms of accessibility to information by areas of expertise: experts on specific thematic representatives to contribute under that specialty. The term that runs through these past pillars and stands as one in itself is knowledge. Indeed, this structure must point to the accumulation of useful knowledge easily accessible to the customer.

Do not let a search engine in a social network misguide you: any company or brand can learn in a matter of seconds if opinions are up and coming or outright criticism. Few of them actually work on this to meet the needs of their customers, resulting in such dire remarks every company already knows are targeted at them. The real challenge and debt is to fix this things fast , to know and understand what are clients’ needs, a  key to enable them to become frequent customers or, for  first-timers, to start trusting on your company with a modern  customer care experience, a unique sales’ opportunity accompanied by quality post-sale  customer service .

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